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My name is Chris, founder of Hyperfitlifestyle.com and I have been at this muscle growth thing for over ten years now. Throughout my journey I have learned a lot, failed a lot, and ultimately found my personal ideas and strategies that work for me, and I know will work for you.

I have learned techniques and effective ways that can help you unlock your hypertrophy (muscle growth)…and I want to offer you some insight into many of these as well as provide you with updated tips proven strategies, and product reviews.

The Struggle from Skinny to Muscular…

I remember being a skinny young kid through out my high school years and although I did play a few sports, I was a little self-conscious about the way I looked physically. So one day I decided to join a local gym and thats when my fitness journey began.

I recall my first time at the gym. I felt a little overwhelmed as I witnessed what seemed to me at that time, these walking giants. These snarling beasts were massive. Nonetheless, I was determined to find my way and achieve the gains that i’ve always wanted.

Throughout the years, I have learned so many different things. Whether it was through fitness magazines or books, YouTube videos, and watching people like Greg Plitt and Kris Gethin. I was able to make adjustments to my workouts, diets and programs so I can stimulate muscle hypertrophy.

It hasn’t been an easy road but a road well worth traveling. Till this day, I am still learning every single day. The wonderful thing about fitness is that it never stops. You can never stop learning!

My Goal is to Help You Unlock Your Gains

Trouble gaining muscle? hitting a plateau? overthinking everything and feeling stuck? – I’ve been through it all.

Much of the content I’m going to be discussing with you here is centered around improving your overall muscle development through hypertrophy training, which is a narrow focused way of increasing your muscular size.

Like anything worth achieving in life, you’re going to have to take action and as long as you are then time will always be on your side.

Having all the right tools and guidance can better equip you on the road to gains. I plan to help you on your journey.

So have a look around, check out my blog, and if you ever have anything to share in respect to building your own muscle, I would love to hear it.

All the best,

Chris, Founder of Hyperfitlifestyle.com

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